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High Altitude Balloon by Julián Fernández RF recording 2019-05-19


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This is a recording of an Amateur high altitude balloon released by Julián Fernández EA4HCD on 2019-05-19. The balloon carried a LoRa and RTTY transmitter on 434.5MHz and a LoRa transmitter on 868MHz. The balloon was released near Madrid (Spain) and reached and altitude of 24km and distance of 180km. This recording was done from shortly after release until 15 minutes before burst.

Amateur radio callsign: EA4GPZ

Station location: 40.620697,-3.6936182, in Tres Cantos, near Madrid.

Antenna: 7 element 435MHz yagi from Arrow Antennas, vertical polarization, roughly aimed to the balloon location, 3m above ground level.

Receiver: FUNcube Dongle Pro+, LNA and mixer gain enabled.

Frequency: 434.5MHz at the start of the recording, changed later to 434.502MHz without interruption of the recording.

Sample rate: 192ksps.

Recording start: 2019-05-19 15:37:19 UTC

Format: Linrad raw format: 41 byte header followed by little-endian int16 IQ data.


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