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Datasets and Supporting Materials for the IPIN 2017 Competition Track 3 (Smartphone-based, off-site)

  • 1. Centre for Automation and Robotics (CAR), CSIC-UPM
  • 2. Institute of New Imaging Technologies, Universiat Jaume I


This package contains the datasets and supplementary materials used in the IPIN 2017 Competition (Sapporo, Japan).


  1. Track3_LogfileDescription_and_SupplementaryMaterial.pdf: Description of the logfiles and supplemental materials.
  2. Track3_TechnicalAnnex.pdf: Technical annex describing the competition 
  3. 01-Logfiles: This folder contains a subfolder with the 25 training logfiles, a subfolder with the 9 validation logfiles, and a subfolder with the 7 blind evaluation logfiles as provided to competitors.
  4. 02-Supplementary_Materials: This folder contains the Matlab/Octave parser, the raster maps, the visualization of the training routes and the location of the BLE beacon (CAR) and some Wi-Fi APs (UJIUB).
  5. 03-Evaluation: This folder contains the scripts used to calculate the competition metric, the 75th percentile on the 505 evaluation points. The ground truth is also provided in MatLab format and as a CSV file. Since the results must be provided with a 2Hz freq. starting from apptimestamp 0, the GT includes the closest timestamp matching the timing provided by competitors.

Please, cite the following works when using the datasets included in this package:

  • Torres-Sospedra, J.; Jiménez, A. R.; Moreira, A.; Lungenstrass, T.; Lu, W.-C.;  Knauth, S.; Mendoza-Silva, G.M.; Seco, F.; Perez-Navarro, A.; Nicolau, M.J.; Costa, A.; Meneses, F.; Farina, J.; Morales, J.P.; Lu, W.-C.; Cheng, H.-T.; Yang, S.-S.; Fang, S.-H.; Chien, Y.-R. and Tsao, Y. Off-line evaluation of mobile-centric Indoor Positioning Systems: the experiences from the 2017 IPIN competition Sensors Vol. 18(2), 2018.
  • Jimenez, A.R.; Mendoza-Silva, G.M.; Seco, F.; Torres-Sospedra, J. Datasets and Supporting Materials for the IPIN 2017 Competition Track 3 (Smartphone-based, off-site). 

Additional information can be found at:

For any further questions about the database and this competition track, please contact: 

  • Joaquín Torres ( Institute of New Imaging Technologies, Universitat Jaume I, Spain. 
  • Antonio R. Jiménez ( Center of Automation and Robotics (CAR)-CSIC/UPM, Spain. 



We would like to thank Topcon Corporation for sponsoring the competition track with an award for the winning team. We are also grateful to Francesco Potortì, Sangjoon Park, Hideo Makino, Nobuo Kawaguchi, Takeshi Kurata and Jesús Ureña for their invaluable help in organizing and promoting the IPIN competition and conference. Many thanks to Raúl Montoliu, Emilio Sansano, Marina Granel and Luis Alisandra for collecting the databases in the UJITI building. Parts of this work were carried out with the financial support received from projects and grants: REPNIN network (TEC2015-71426-REDT), LORIS (TIN2012-38080-C04-04), TARSIUS (TIN2015-71564-C4-2-R (MINECO/FEDER)), SmartLoc (CSIC-PIE Ref.201450E011), "Metodologías avanzadas para el diseño, desarrollo, evaluación e integración de algoritmos de localización en interiores" (TIN2015-70202-P), GEO-C (Project ID: 642332, H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014—Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action:Innovative Training Networks).


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GEO-C – Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics - Enabling Open Cities 642332
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