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Aggregated Virtual Patient Model Dataset

  • 1. University of Patras
  • 1. University of Patras
  • 2. Materia Group Cyprus
  • 3. INSERM France


The dataset is a collection of aggregated clinical parameters for the participants (such as clinical scores), parameters extracted from the utilized devices (such as average heart rate per day, average gait speed etc.), and coupled events about them (such as falls, loss of orientation etc.). It contains information which was collected during the clinical evaluation of the older people from medical experts.This information represents the clinical status of the older person across different domains, e.g. physical, psychological, cognitive etc.

The dataset contains several medical features which are used by clinicians to assess the overall state of the older people.

The purpose of the Virtual Patient Model is to assess the overall state of the older people based on their medical parameters, and to find associations between these parameters and frailty status.

A list of the recorded clinical parameters and their description is shown below:

- part_id: The user ID, which should be a 4-digit number

- q_date: The recording timestamp, which follows the “YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.fffZ” format (eg. 14 September 2017 12:23:34.567, is formatted as 2019-09-14T12:23:34.567Z)

- clinical_visit: As several clinical evaluations were performed to each older adult, this number shows for which clinical evaluation these measurements refer to

- fried: Ordinal categorization of frailty level according to Fried operational definition of frailty

- hospitalization_one_year: Number of nonscheduled hospitalizations in the last year

- hospitalization_three_years: Number of nonscheduled hospitalizations in the last three years

- ortho_hypotension: Presence of orthostatic hypotension

- vision: Visual difficulty (qualitative ordinal evaluation)

- audition: Hearing difficulty (qualitative ordinal evaluation)

- weight_loss: Unintentional weight loss >4.5 kg in the past year (categorical answer)

- exhaustion_score: Self-reported exhaustion (categorical answer)

- raise_chair_time: Time in seconds to perform a lower limb strength clinical test

- balance_single: Single foot station (Balance) (categorical answer)

- gait_get_up: Time in seconds to perform the 3meters’ Timed Get Up And Go Test

- gait_speed_4m: Speed for 4 meters’ straight walk

- gait_optional_binary: Gait optional evaluation (qualitative evaluation by the investigator)

- gait_speed_slower: Slowed walking speed (categorical answer)

- grip_strength_abnormal: Grip strength outside the norms (categorical answer)

- low_physical_activity: Low physical activity (categorical answer)

- falls_one_year: Number of falls in the last year

- fractures_three_years: Number of fractures during the last 3 years

- fried_clinician: Fried’s categorization according to clinician’s estimation (when missing data for answering the Fried’s operational frailty definition questionnaire)

- bmi_score: Body Mass Index (in Kg/m²)

- bmi_body_fat: Body Fat (%)

- waist: Waist circumference (in cm)

- lean_body_mass: Lean Body Mass (%)

- screening_score: Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) screening score

- cognitive_total_score: Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) test score

- memory_complain: Memory complain (categorical answer)

- mmse_total_score: Folstein Mini-Mental State Exam score

- sleep: Reported sleeping problems (qualitative ordinal evaluation)

- depression_total_score: 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS-15)

- anxiety_perception: Anxiety auto-evaluation (visual analogue scale 0-10)

- living_alone: Living Conditions (categorical answer)

- leisure_out: Leisure activities (number of leisure activities per week)

- leisure_club: Membership of a club (categorical answer)

- social_visits: Number of visits and social interactions per week

- social_calls: Number of telephone calls exchanged per week

- social_phone: Approximate time spent on phone per week

- social_skype: Approximate time spent on videoconference per week

- social_text: Number of written messages (SMS and emails) sent by the participant per week

- house_suitable_participant: Subjective suitability of the housing environment according to participant’s evaluation (categorical answer)

- house_suitable_professional: Subjective suitability of the housing environment according to investigator’s evaluation (categorical answer)

- stairs_number: Number of steps to access house (without possibility to use elevator)

- life_quality: Quality of life self-rating (visual analogue scale 0-10)

- health_rate: Self-rated health status (qualitative ordinal evaluation)

- health_rate_comparison: Self-assessed change since last year (qualitative ordinal evaluation)

- pain_perception: Self-rated pain (visual analogue scale 0-10)

- activity_regular: Regular physical activity (ordinal answer)

- smoking: Smoking (categorical answer)

- alcohol_units: Alcohol Use (average alcohol units consumption per week)

- katz_index: Katz Index of ADL score

- iadl_grade: Instrumental Activities of Daily Living score

- comorbidities_count: Number of comorbidities

- comorbidities_significant_count: Number of comorbidities which affect significantly the person’s functional status

- medication_count: Number of active substances taken on a regular basis


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