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Vaccine safety: Learning from the Boeing 737 MAX disasters


Aircraft are designed and engineered for safety by experts who understand aeronautical engineering and safety engineering. Vaccines are developed by tinkerers using trial and error, who fail to apply basic safety engineering principles and admit that they lack understanding of the mechanisms involved in the immune response to vaccines.
Aircraft safety problems are immediately obvious. Vaccine safety problems manifest over a longer term and are easily hidden by other factors.
Boeing is liable for product safety. Vaccine makers have no liability.
Greed and incompetence defeated the hard work that went into engineering the 737 aircraft.
CDC lies about autism. It took the incompetent FDA 25 years to find out that the pertussis vaccine does not prevent transmission. They still don’t understand the difference between injected and ingested proteins. The incompetent CDC/ACIP flip-flopped on the Flumist vaccine - twice.
Vaccine “expert” Dr. Plotkin “believes” calf serum proteins used in vaccine manufacturing is completely removed from the product. It is not. He admits, residual protein can cause sensitization (development of allergy). He speculates that casein in milk is somehow different than calf serum proteins in regards to sensitization. He is wrong again. Dr. Richet showed us a hundred years ago, that all injected proteins sensitize. Drs. Plotkin and Offit admit it is ok to lie to parents about vaccines and autism and they do lie about it.
The Seattle Times investigated and reported the root cause of the 737 MAX disasters. They are not being dismissed as “anti-MAXXERs”. But anyone who investigates and reports the root cause of vaccine-induced diseases are dismissed as “anti-vaxxers”. Why?
Boeing has made numerous safety improvements in the past. HHS admitted there have been no safety improvement in vaccines for three decades.
Aeronautical engineering is well understood. Immunological mechanisms involved in vaccines are
poorly understood.
The vast majority of vaccine safety claims are based on broken epidemiological studies.
Unsafe vaccines and the corrupted science that covers it up is the worst scandal in the history of




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