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Published March 3, 2019 | Version v1
Dataset Open

360° Binaural Room Impulse Response (BRIR) Database for 6DOF spatial perception research

  • 1. Applied Psychoacoustics Lab, University of Huddersfield


by Applied Psychoacoustics Lab, University of Huddersfield


Authors: Bogdan Bacila and Hyunkook Lee,



An open-access database for 360° binaural room impulse responses (BRIR) captured in a reverberant concert hall. Head-rotated BRIRs were acquired with 3.6° angular resolution for each of 13 different receiver positions, using a custom-made head-rotation system that was automated and integrated with the Huddersfield Acoustical Analysis Research Toolbox. The BRIRs are provided in the SOFA format. The library also contains impulse responses captured using a first-order Ambisonic microphone and an omnidirectional microphone. It is expected that the database would be useful for studying the perception of spatial attributes in a six degrees-of-freedom context.


Folder Structure

The impulse responses are organised into two main folders:

* Binaural: Contains the SOFA files and MATLAB files for each position, with a 3.6° angular resolution, recorded with the Neumann KU100 binaural head.

* FOA: Contains the First Order Ambisonics audio files in A format and B format for each individual position, recorded with an Sennheiser Ambeo microphone in an end-fire configuration.  


Naming Convention

The files are named after their relative position on the stage and the distance from the stage:

* C = Centre

* L = Left

* LW = Left Wide



This project is licensed under the CC-BY-4.0 License - see the License.txt file for details



This database was presented at the Audio Engineering Society 146th International Convention.

Download link:



If you use the database for your research, please reference it as follows.

Bacila, B. I., & Lee, H. (2019). 360° Binaural Room Impulse Response (BRIR) Database for 6DOF Spatial Perception Research. Presented at the Audio Engineering Society Convention 146, Dublin, e-Brief 513


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