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Published April 4, 2019 | Version 2019-03-22
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Microsoft Academic Graph

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This is the Microsoft Academic Graph data from 2019-03-22. To get this, you'd normally jump through these hoops:

As required by ODC-BY, I acknowledge Microsoft Academic using the URI

You can find out more about the data schema of the Microsoft Academic Graph at:
Since Microsoft docs are covered by different licensing terms, the documentation cannot be provided along with the data.

There were no changes to the files except compressing them with gzip. They were downloaded and checked twice.
After uploading, the md5-hashes from Zenodo match the locally created compressed files.

The compressed files will expand to the following sizes (in bytes):

     4564007 Affiliations.txt
 16528778635 Authors.txt
     2224843 ConferenceInstances.txt
      428103 ConferenceSeries.txt
    55188690 FieldsOfStudy.txt
     5689662 Journals.txt
 40976541540 PaperAuthorAffiliations.txt
 32446006785 PaperReferences.txt
     7763592 PaperResources.txt
 60213784152 Papers.txt
 23096534376 PaperUrls.txt
173337504385 (~161.4) GiB

Note from the uploader

This is the last update I can do for now, my trial account will expire soon, so I can no longer provide updates.
If you want to donate an update but lack the bandwidth to download and repack the set, feel free to contact me (details via my ORCiD page), once you have gone through the provisioning steps.


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