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Published February 2, 2018 | Version 3
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Quantitative assessment of research data management practice


This survey aims to investigate research data management practices in academic institutions. The survey comprises questions common to all institutions as well as institution-specific ones. Common questions were drafted in the frame of a collaboration between several RDM services: Tu Delft (team effort), EPFL (team effort), University of Cambridge (notably Marta Busse) and  University of Illinois (notably Heidi Imker). The first survey was run by TU Delft and EPFL only end of 2017. In total, 659 responses where collected (423 from TU Delfg and 236 from EPFL) and are published here.

The first lines of the dataset contains the question asked to researchers. The second line indicates from which institution the data is coming form and wether it was anonymized. Each further line contains the response of a researcher. Column delimiters are comas(,), quote chars are double-quotes (") and subfield separators are semi-columns (;). Finally, the file encoding is set UTF-8.

More information about this survey as well as the exact survey questions and a detailed description how the survey might be re-used by other institutions is available on the project page on the Open Science Framework: htts:// For any questions contact or


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