Published March 15, 2019 | Version v0.1.0
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A Panel Data Set of Cryptocurrency Development Activity on GitHub

  • 1. Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2. University of Evansville



  • all-sorted-recovered-normalized-2018-01-21-to-2019-02-04.csv: CSV format of all data, sorted by date. This file contains some imputed values for missing data, and all fields across all repositories and normalized to "null". This is the most convenient form to use.
  • all-sorted-2018-01-21-to-2019-02-04.csv: CSV format of all, sorted by date. It is the raw data after processing the raw format.
  • raw-data-2018-01-21-to-2019-02-04.tar.gz: The raw format of data collected (S-expressions). Contains additional contributor data and CoinMarketCap data not currently in the CSV datasets.
  • recovered.patch: The modification on all-sorted-2018-01-21-to-2019-02-04.csv after recovering (imputing) datashowing what was recovered.
  • recovered-normalized.patch: The modification of all-sorted-2018-01-21-to-2019-02-04.csv after normalizing the recovered data set. Thus, patching all-sorted-2018-01-21-to-2019-02-04.csv with recovered.patch, then recovered-normalized.patch gives all-sorted-recovered-normalized-2018-01-21-to-2019-02-04.csv
  • missing-dates.txt: Days for which we missed GitHub data collection (partial or completely).

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Related code:



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