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Files for "Ocellaris: a discontinuous Galerkin finite element solver for two-phase flows with high density differences"

  • 1. Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo


Input files and scripts sufficient to reproduce the results shown in the paper "Ocellaris: a discontinuous Galerkin finite element solver for high density ratio two phase flows".

A version of Ocellaris similar to version 2019.0.1 was used and all results should be reproducible by this version of Ocellaris. See the Ocellaris source code repository, Ocellaris 2019.0.1 on PyPi, or DOI 10.5281/zenodo.2558303.

The Ocellaris user guide can be found at and it includes guides to how to run Ocellaris in Singularity or Docker containers for ease of installation and testing. Containers for Ocellaris 2019.0.0 are available, for Docker run:

# On the host machine:
docker run -it trlandet/fenics-dev:2018.1.0.r3

# Inside the Docker container
pip3 install ocellaris==2019.0.1 --user



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