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  • 1. Université de Lorraine, CNRS, Inria, Loria
  • 2. Adobe research
  • 3. Carnegie Mellon University


Data curator:

  • 1. Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Synthetic data for DCASE 2019 task 4

Freesound dataset [1,2]: A subset of FSD is used as foreground sound events for the synthetic subset of the dataset for DCASE 2019 task 4. FSD is a large-scale, general-purpose audio dataset composed of Freesound content annotated with labels from the AudioSet Ontology [3].

SINS dataset [4]: The derivative of the SINS dataset used for DCASE2018 task 5 is used as background for the synthetic subset of the dataset for DCASE 2019 task 4.
The SINS dataset contains a continuous recording of one person living in a vacation home over a period of one week.
It was collected using a network of 13 microphone arrays distributed over the entire home.
The microphone array consists of 4 linearly arranged microphones.

The synthetic set is composed of 10 sec audio clips generated with Scaper [5]. The foreground events are obtained from FSD. Each event audio clip was verified manually to ensure that the sound quality and the event-to-background ratio were sufficient to be used an isolated event. We also verified that the event was actually dominant in the clip and we controlled if the event onset and offset are present in the clip. Each selected clip was then segmented when needed to remove silences before and after the event and between events when the file contained multiple occurrences of the event class.


All sounds comming from FSD are released under Creative Commons licences. Synthetic sounds can only be used for competition purposes until the full CC license list is made available at the end of the competition.


Further information on dcase website.


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  • Fonseca et al., "Freesound Datasets: a platform for the creation of open audio datasets" in ISMIR 2017
  • Salamon et al., "Scaper: A library for soundscape synthesis and augmentation" in WASPAA 2017