Published August 14, 2018 | Version 1.0
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D4.1 Technical Specification of Remote Radio Light Head (RRLH)

  • 1. RunEl
  • 2. ULEIC
  • 3. Cobham
  • 4. FhG
  • 5. Oledcomm
  • 6. MostlyTek
  • 7. ISEP


This document describes the general specifications for the Remote Radio Light Head (RRLH) module. Technical, physical and link layer architecture of the radio-light access network and light rose architecture are provided. These include the AC/DC driver circuit, the VLC modulator and mmW RF circuits and centralised home VRAN. Furthermore, the additional cable routing of radio over fibre are described as well.
The document also provides specifications for internal modules of the RRLH such as Layer2/3 Processor, DRAN Processor, RRLH Controller, VLC Module, mm-Wave Module and Splitter and Switch Module


IoRL Deliverable D4-1 - RRLH technical specification.pdf

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