Published December 28, 2006 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Genus Golovinomyces (Erysiphales) in Israel: species composition, host range, and distribution


A critical revision of all available, previously collected in Israel specimens of Golovinomyces species and respective reference data was made. In addition, extensive herbarium materials were collected here by authors. As a result, species composition of ten species from the genus Golovinomyces was established. Three of the species, namely, G. cynoglossi, G. echinopis, and G. verbasci, were recorded for the first time for Israel. Also, incorrect identification of Neoerysiphe cumminsiana as Erysiphe cichoracearum on Filago eriocephala, Hedypnois cretica, Lagoseris sancta, Phagnalon rupestre, Picris amalecitana, P. galilaea, Rhagadiolus stellatus, Senecio vernalis, Thrincia tuberosa, and Tolpis virgata was revealed.



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