Published November 12, 2016 | Version v1
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Exploring Visualizations in Real-time Motion Capture for Dance Education

  • 1. University of Athens
  • 2. Athena RC


In this paper, we describe an ongoing work towards developing a whole-body interaction interface for exploring different visualizations of movement, using real-time motion capture and 3D models, to apply in dance learning and improvisation within a creative, gamified context. A full inertial motion capture system is used by the performer while a simple user interface provides the option to the user to experiment with different avatars, and visualizations e.g., trace of motions on different parts of the body and to interact with virtual objects. The 3D simulation provides a real-time visual feedback for the movement. The interaction follows the paradigm of moving from mimicking kinetic material into a self-reflection teaching approach. The interactive avatar is the reflection of the performer, but on the same time the avatar depicts a character, a dance partner which can inspire the user who moves to explore different ways of moving. Either within the framework of artistic experimentation and creativity, or in the context of education, the visual metaphors of movement shape and qualities consist a powerful tool and raise many scientific and research questions.


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