Published November 9, 2018 | Version v2
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Angular Momentum – Conference Summary

  • 1. Observatoire de Paris, LERMA, College de France, CNRS, PSL Univ., Sorbonne Univ., F-75014, Paris, France


Angular momentum (AM) is a key parameter to understand galaxy formation and evolution. AM originates in tidal torques between proto-structures at turn around, and from this the specific AM is expected to scale as a power-law of slope 2/3 with mass. However, subsequent evolution re-shuffles this through matter accretion from filaments, mergers, star formation and feedback, secular evolution and AM exchange between baryons and dark matter. Outer parts of galaxies are essential to study since they retain most of the AM and the diagnostics of the evolution. Galaxy IFU surveys have recently provided a wealth of kinematical information in the local universe. In the future, we can expect more statistics in the outer parts, and evolution at high z, including atomic gas with SKA.



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