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Published October 30, 2018 | Version v1
Software Open

A high-content imaging method for monitoring C. elegans embryonic development


This repository includes the following files:

embryoCropUI_WINDOWS- PC version of executable GUI

embryoCropUI_MacOS- Mac version of executable GUI (requires MacOS X10.11)

Instructions- Instructions for installation and running GUI (embryoCropUI) and FIJI script (OpenAndCombine.ijm)

Test_files- Contains two test files: a multi-tif format file and a folder with a tif image series, which can be used to test the GUI on your system (details for testing can be found in the instructions)

OpenAndCombine_embs.ijm- FIJI script that enables assembly of maximum intensity projections for multiple embryos within one viewer. Note this works with our file structure and will need to be modified to accommodate your file structure (see instructions).



source code for the embryoCropUI executable can be found at Github:


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