Published July 5, 2018 | Version 10009445
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Weighted-Distance Sliding Windows and Cooccurrence Graphs for Supporting Entity-Relationship Discovery in Unstructured Text


The problem of Entity relation discovery in structured
data, a well covered topic in literature, consists in searching within
unstructured sources (typically, text) in order to find connections
among entities. These can be a whole dictionary, or a specific
collection of named items. In many cases machine learning and/or
text mining techniques are used for this goal. These approaches
might be unfeasible in computationally challenging problems, such
as processing massive data streams. A faster approach consists in collecting the cooccurrences of any
two words (entities) in order to create a graph of relations - a
cooccurrence graph. Indeed each cooccurrence highlights some grade
of semantic correlation between the words because it is more common
to have related words close each other than having them in the
opposite sides of the text. Some authors have used sliding windows for such problem: they
count all the occurrences within a sliding windows running over the
whole text. In this paper we generalise such technique, coming up
to a Weighted-Distance Sliding Window, where each occurrence of
two named items within the window is accounted with a weight
depending on the distance between items: a closer distance implies
a stronger evidence of a relationship. We develop an experiment in
order to support this intuition, by applying this technique to a data
set consisting in the text of the Bible, split into verses.



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