Published October 1, 2018 | Version v 2.0
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This is an open-source DIC code. Most of the functions can be accessed through a matlab GUI. However, it can be scripted to create user designed sequences of analysis or ran in batch mode. It has been tested with a linux R2017b version of matlab.

It allows to perform 2D, 2.5D and 3D DIC analysis. Several kinematic descriptions of the searched displacement field are possible. Post-processing modules like for crack analysis are also available.

A particular attention is paid to the link with FEA  through mesh exange, BCs export, input file generation, VTK format export....

Once you downloaded a local copy of the source files, you just have to add the folder in which you unpacked everything to your matlab path. Then the command for accessing the GUI is Umaster.

For first steps instructions, visit  ufreckles_wiki on the github repository ufreckles where you will also find updated versions of the code (the one available on zenodo may not be the lastest one :-(). 


Alternatively, you can find using the following links for:

Version 2.0:

- Source files

- Windows installer

- Linux installer

Version 2.1:

- Source files

- Linux installer



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