Published June 21, 2018 | Version v1
Presentation Open

The Impactomatrix - A catalog for impact factors and success criteria


  • 1. Max Planck Institute for the History of Science


Digital research environments in the arts and humanities have to deal with the question what value they provide for the scientific community and how they should make the best use of their granted money. For digital tools and infrastructure components in the Digital Humanities, it is essential to define how they are impacting research practices in the Humanities and beyond. Understanding these implications will help to increase the visibility and transparency, communicate their benefits to potential researchers and funding agencies and strengthen the influence of digital research in the Humanities. The Impactomatrix gathers impact factors and success criteria for assessing projects in the arts and humanities. During assessment it is not sufficient to rely only on quantitative criteria – qualitative criteria have to be taken into account, as well. Besides this, the impactomatrix aims at providing a methodological basis for determining the value of developments in the Digital Humanities in general.


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