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Published August 1, 2018 | Version 1.0.0
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Open Science MOOC: Module 5, Open Research Software and Open Source

  • 1. Open Science MOOC
  • 2. Generation R - exploring new ways to research
  • 3. @RSE-Sheffield
  • 4. UIUC
  • 5. @corpus-tools
  • 6. @spacetelescope
  • 7. MRC BNDU (University of Oxford)
  • 8. @UB-Mannheim


First formal release for Module 5, Open Research Software and Open Source, for the Open Science MOOC. The main files are:,, and (also available in Jupyter notebook format). These contain the core content of the MOOC module (in primary format), with all links leading internally into the GitHub project.

Main project website:

GitHub project page:



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