Published July 25, 2018 | Version 1
Journal article Open

PV Solar Charger Optimization Based Maximum Power Point With Real Time Tracking Information

  • 1. Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey
  • 2. Department of Computer Technical Engineering, Al – Kitab University College, Iraq


The paper focuses on power system modeling that gives priorities to realize and store the maximum power radiated out of the sun to feed a definite primary load. The power of the sun can be stored in different ways based on PV modules employed by renewable solar systems. The infinite abundance of the natural environmental resources classifies the solar system as the major sustainable energy resources. The challenge starts by reducing the cost via converting the sunlight into energy based on photovoltaic cells. Consequently, the sun tracking system shows endless interaction and support to improve the efficiency of the systems. The main challenge of this proposed idea is realizing the maximum sun power denoted as MPP (maximum power point) which is considered the most effective and energetic spot overpower storage curves. MPPT indicates the maximum power point realized during a specific time. In accordance, a tracking system is employed in order to follow the sun trajectory, direction, and the way of power radiation. Moreover, another point should be taken into consideration that is the sun can feed the proposed load at day periods. However, the batteries are considered a most suitable solution for providing power at night periods. Hereby, the primary load gets the power from the sun directly at the day and indirectly at night based employed batteries. In addition, the temperature over the panel, the real-time sun tracking information, the charge ratio in the employed batteries, and the strength of the wind are demonstrated over an LCD display. Finally, a GSM module based notification request is employed to direct the situation of the power system as an SMS through a specific phone number.



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