Published October 23, 2013 | Version Final
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3D-ICONS: D4.1-Interim Report on Post-processing


  • 1. CNRS


Deliverable 4.1 (Interim report on post-processing) is a first overview of all the aspects concerning the post-processing of the 3D digitisation that will be supplied to Europeana as viewable 3D models by content providers. The report concerns the progress of the postprocessing work, the problems encountered and the actions undertaken. Starting from an analysis of the work in progress carried out by the content providers, an internal discussion concerning the main technical issues is used as starting point for the identification of a set of common approaches (elementary processing steps) aiming to harmonize the elaboration and the refinement of 3D models.


3D-ICONS was a project funded under the European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme, project no. 297194


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