Published July 6, 2018 | Version v1
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From Webscale to Telco, the Cloud Native Journey

  • 1. Nokia Bell-Labs, France
  • 2. Incelligent, Greece
  • 3. Nokia, Germany
  • 4. Orange Labs, France
  • 5. Orange, Romania
  • 6. UCL, UK
  • 7. IBM Research, Israel
  • 8. ATOS, Spain
  • 9. CTTC, Spain
  • 10. I2CAT Foundation, Spain
  • 11. ADLINK Technology, France


The 5G Software Network Working Group as part of the 5G-PPP Initiative prepared this white paper (WP) to provide first insights and trigger discussions about 5G cloud-native design. The shift from the cloud ready to cloud native, from VM to container, from MANO to Kubernetes, etc is a must have to avoid the risk that 5G remains a niche connectivity gap-filler largely ignored by cloud applications and services boom.

The WP highlights that we must ensure ascending compatibility with cloud environment in order to design a cloud-native 5G system and benefit from the best technologies from the cloud industry, essentially today the open source community, including micro-services the de-facto cloud industrial standard, and more general the service based architecture, and the most crucial technical assets from 5G-PPP Phase 1[1] and Phase 2[2] projects.

[1] 5GPPP Phase 1 Projects -

[2] 5GPPP Phase 2 Projects -


5GPPP Software Network WG White Paper July 2018.pdf

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