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e-ROSA D1.4 - Synthesis of results & contribution to roadmap

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  • 2. DLO
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A first set of tasks have been carried out under Work Package 1 “Ecosystem & Community” in order to set the stage for e-ROSA’s community-building and roadmap development activity. These tasks include:
a. The collection and analysis of e-infrastructure plans and roadmaps (Task 1.1.2);
b. The elaboration of an online map of the e-ROSA stakeholder community (Tasks 1.1.3, 1.2 & 1.3).
This deliverable presents the progress achieved so far

  • The analysis of existing e-infrastructures and roadmaps (Task 1.1.2) has allowed to provide food for thought on an in-depth characterisation of e-infrastructures that can support the envisioning of future e-infrastructures in the scope of e-ROSA, as well as on the relevant content for the future e-ROSA e-infrastructure roadmap;
  • The mapping activity carried out under e-ROSA (Tasks 1.1.3, 1.2 & 1.3) relies on a mapping methodology that has been developed in the first months of the project and pre-validated for the elaboration of this deliverable.

Section 1 describes the overall methodology adopted under WP1 and the objectives of the deliverable.

Section 2 provides food for thought on the strategic envisioning and technical design of a future e-infrastructure for agri-food research.

Section 3 presents the adopted methodology to map relevant stakeholders, initiatives and infrastructures in the scope of e-ROSA in view of assessing the current landscape and initiate a community-building process supporting the e-ROSA roadmap elaboration.

Section 4 provides first elements to consider in the co-elaboration of the e-ROSA roadmap.

The deliverable will be updated twice during the lifetime of the project (Deliverable 1.5 in six months and Deliverable 1.6 at the end of the project) in order to monitor and disseminate further achievements under WP1.


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