Published June 19, 2018 | Version roms-turbine-array-beta-1.0.2
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  • 1. Bangor University
  • 2. IT Power
  • 3. Knowtra Ltd


Modification to ROMS src for the inclusion of tidal energy extraction


This research is supported by SEACAMS2 which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and focuses on the convergence region of Wales. This particular research project is a follow on from a Fujitsu and HPC Wales (now Supercomputing Wales) funded PhD research project supervised by Dr Simon Neill, Bangor University. The tidal array representation method implemented in this modeling tool is based on a tidal turbine parameterisation method, accounting for the momentum capture for each individual device/array. This method is based upon the research described by Roc et al. 2013 & 2014. Each turbine behaviour is tuned via the drag coefficient, namely Ct, respectively relating to the thrust coefficient. This tidal array representation method has been implemented as a smeared drag-force at across user-defined depth layers within a large-scale ocean circulation modeling system that is the Regional Ocean Modeling System, ROMS. ROMS is an open-source 3-D model which solves the hydrostatic Navier-Stokes equations using a Boussinesq approximation on a structured horizontal grid with terrain following sigma layers[3]. Note that ROMS/TOMS version 3.7 - revision 898, is used in the current distribution of ROMS-Tidal Array. The turbine representation module is applied using the following files: roms_src/ROMS/External/varinfo.dat roms_src/ROMS/Include/cppdefs.h roms_src/ROMS/Nonlinear/initial.F roms_src/ROMS/Nonlinear/rhs3d.F roms_src/ROMS/Utility/def_info.F roms_src/ROMS/Utility/checkdefs.F roms_src/ROMS/Utility/wrt_info.F roms_src/ROMS/Utility/read_phypar.F roms_src/ROMS/Modules/mod_ncparam.F roms_src/ROMS/Modules/mod_iounits.F roms_src/ROMS/Modules/mod_arrays.F roms_src/ROMS/Modules/mod_trb.F



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