Published July 10, 2024 | Version 4
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Agroforestry in the revised LULUCF Regulation

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The latest version of this Briefing (v4) considers the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and coherence of the 2023 LULUCF Regulation and concludes: a) that emissions reporting and targets should be integrated across the land sector in an "Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use" metric - as has been recommended by IPCC since 2006, and b) that national AFOLU reporting should be integrated with carbon farming reporting methods using the CAP Land Parcel Information System (LPIS), extended to include forest parcels (as in Spain).  Integrating all rural land use data in this way will also facilitate the accurate implementation of the EU Deforestation Regulation in Europe, and could be a precursor to the introduction of an AFOLU-ETS Regulation and expansion of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism for imports of timber and foodstuffs.

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EURAF Policy Briefing 17


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