Published July 3, 2023 | Version v1
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Christianity and Educational Development: The Nigerian Experience

  • 1. Redeemed Christian Bible College
  • 2. Testament Theological Seminary
  • 3. International Institute of Christian Theologians, Scholar, and Professionals


This study is an attempt to depict the contribution of Christianity to the development of Nigeria, particularly in the
area of education. The work, however, portrays the giant strides Christianity has made in other areas, such as
healthcare, language and human development, moral and spiritual development, etc. The major purpose of
enumerating the contributions of Christianity to educational development in Nigeria is to correct the bad impressions
that social critics might have generated and to disabuse the minds of some people who believe that Christianity has
no appreciable contributions to nation-building. The paper argues that Christianity is not a mere religion but a
metareligion and posits that Christian education is a systemic and veritable tool for national transformation and
development. The research work adopted a historical approach. The findings revealed that Christianity has made
more remarkable and indelible impacts in Nigeria than any other religion. The paper concludes with some crucial
recommendations that require the urgent attention of the Nigerian governments, Christians, and non-Christians.


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