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The Impact of Doctrinal Differences on the Church

  • 1. International Institute of Christian Theologians Scholars and Professionals


Doctrinal differences have become a topical issue in Ghana and the world as people tend to ask questions about what exactly the Bible expects from us. The posture of some church founders mostly Bishops, Apostles, Archbishops and presiding Elders among others have made it somewhat difficult for their followers to associate with other believers as they are made to perceive other churches as running the wrong race. All these challenges come as a result of the different sources of doctrines, our understanding and interpretations of the scriptures as individuals, self -exaltation, strategies to have more members or the thirst to distinguish one’s ministry from others. These have brought about doctrinal differences among congregations and followers of Christ in general. These differences are apparently creating a crack in the body of Christ. Pragmatic steps must therefore be taken to curb if not eradicate the negative impacts of doctrinal differences on the church. It is apparent in the conversations of some believers that they long to mingle with other believers but their pastor will be angry if they are seen. Some of these statements have gingered my enthusiasm to research into the impact of doctrinal differences on the church. The researcher will delve into factors that birth doctrinal differences, the positive and negative impact of doctrinal differences on the church in Ghana and the diaspora and how to address the challenges identified in the research. The researcher will use interview and observation to collect data. The researcher will make conclusion and recommendations.


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