Published July 2, 2024 | Version v1
Publication Open

All optical tunable RF filter using elemental antimony


In the past decade, the proliferation of modern telecommunication technologies, including 5G, and the widespread adoption of the Internet-of-things (IoT) have led to an unprecedented surge in data generation and transmission. This surge has created an escalating demand for advanced signal processing capabilities. Microwave photonic (MWP) processors offer a promising solution to satisfy this unprecedented demand for data processing by capitalising on the high bandwidth and low latency achievable by optical systems. In this work, we introduce an integrated MWP processing unit for all-optical RF filtering using elemental antimony. We exploit the crystallisation dynamics of antimony to demonstrate a photonic leaky integrator, which is configured to operate as a first-order low-pass filter with a bandwidth of 300 kHz and ultra-compact footprint of 16 × 16 μm2. We experimentally demonstrate the implementation of such a filter as an envelope detector to demodulate an amplitude-modulated signal. Finally, a discussion on achieving bandwidth tunability is presented.


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