Published June 29, 2024 | Version v2
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Experimental Repository for "Certifying Without Loss of Generality Reasoning in Solution-Improving Maximum Satisfiability"

  • 1. ROR icon Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
  • 2. ROR icon Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • 3. ROR icon University of Copenhagen
  • 4. ROR icon Lund University
  • 5. ROR icon University of Freiburg


Experimental repository for "Certifying Without Loss of Generality Reasoning in Solution-Improving Maximum Satisfiability".

The directory is structured as follows:

  • data: Data that has been processed into CSVs and the scripts to analyse the experiments.
  • plots: The plots generated from the data that are used in the paper.
  • raw_data: The raw data logs for the experiments and scripts to extract relevant data from the logs.
  • source_code: Source code for the checker VeriPB and the MaxSAT solver Pacose in the different variants used for the experiments. The Pacose version in PacoseMaxSATSolver-baseline is Pacose without proof logging, the version in PacoseMaxSATSolver-certified is Pacose with proof logging. Proof logging using only assumptions for the coarse convergence can be enabled via the option --WithAssumptions.

How to Run?

The MaxSAT solver Pacose can be compiled using the install script in PacoseMaxSATSolver-certified:


To run Pacose with proof logging, where the proof should be written to proof.pbp, run the following command in the PacoseMaxSATSolver-certified directory:

./bin/Pacose --proofFile proof.pbp instance.wcnf

The proof can be checked with VeriPB. To compile VeriPB run the following in the VeriPB directory:

pip install .

To check the proof with VeriPB, run the following inside the PacoseMaxSATSolver-certified directory:

veripb --wcnf instance.wcnf proof.pbp


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