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Published May 31, 2018 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

Lynx D1.1 Functional Requirements Analysis Report

  • 1. UAB
  • 2. LTU, UAB


The main purpose of this document is to collect business requirements from industry related to needs and expectations regarding a smart and multilingual regulatory compliance information system. The Knowledge Acquisition Process (KAP) includes surveys, interviews and focus groups.

We defined the targeted end-users and stakeholders. We identified five different groups: consultancy firms, legal advisor, small and medium enterprise, large enterprise, and public or private agency.

The survey consists of 24 questions, containing different paths based on the profiles of the respondents. The total number of organizations contacted was 120, obtaining 15 responses from different profiles. On the qualitative side, a total number of 6 semi-structured interviews were conducted in different European countries to public agencies; large enterprises; small and medium enterprises and legal advisors. In addition, one focus group was conducted in a law firm organisation.

The document analyses the results to identify the business and legal requirements related to the handling of multilingual digital regulatory compliance documents. Specifically, the KAP focuses on the stakeholders’ strategies, their needs and challenging tasks in their daily workload and, finally, on the solutions and services that could be implemented. The conclusions summarise the findings, and proposes a set of functional and general requirements.

It is worth noting that Ethical guidelines for the processing of data in the context of the knowledge acquisition according to the recent EU GDPR are included in Annex VII.


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