Published May 3, 2018 | Version v1
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Partispace_Thematic_Report_Styles_of_Participation: Young People's Participation as Lived Practice

  • 1. Lecturer in Education and Community, Faculty of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • 2. Post-doc fellow at the University of Bologna
  • 3. M.A. Researcher at the Goethe University of Frankfurt
  • 4. PhD in Childhood Studies, lecturer and researcher at the Department of Social Work, University of Gothenburg
  • 5. Tenured Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Business Law - University of Bologna
  • 6. Researcher, PhD student at the University of Cergy Pontoise
  • 7. PhD candidate in Political Science at Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis. Researcher at CRESPPA (Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris)
  • 8. Director of the Centre for Applied Childhood Youth and Family Research, University of Huddersfield. Previously worked with the SOLAR (Social and Organisational Learning as Action Research) Action research centre in Bristol
  • 9. Political science, junior researcher at NEC, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)


The purpose of this report is to focus on ‘how’ young people participate by mobilising the concept of ‘style’. Thus, in relation to the over-arching research question of PARTISPACE, we are interested in how young people experience participation in relation to their living conditions, socio-cultural backgrounds, and local contexts of engagement. The starting assumption of our research rests on the premise that young people do participate but just not in ways that adults, policy and formal structures would necessarily acknowledge, therefore we are also concerned with issues of recognition.


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PARTISPACE – Spaces and Styles of Participation. Formal, non-formal and informal possibilities of young people’s participation in European cities. 649416
European Commission