Published February 1, 2002 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Related Magma–Ice Interactions: Possible Origins of Chasmata, Chaos, and Surface Materials in Xanthe, Margaritifer, and Meridiani Terrae, Mars



We examine here the close spatial and temporal associations among several unique features of Xanthe and Margaritifer Terrae, specifically the Valles Marineris troughs or chasmata and their interior deposits, chaotic terrain, the circum-Chryse outflow channels, and the subdued cratered material that covers Xanthe, Margaritifer, and Meridiani Terrae. Though previous hypotheses have attempted to explain the origin of individual features or subsets of these, we suggest that they may all be related. All of these features taken together present a consistent scenario that includes the processes of sub-ice volcanism and other magma/ice interactions, results of intrusive events during Late Noachian to Early Amazonian times.



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