Published March 25, 2018 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Water Flow Control System Based On "Run – Off – River" Hybrid Power Station

  • 1. Department of Computer Technical Engineering – AlKitab University College


The establishment location of the renewable power resources requires serious measurements and analysis in order to estimate and dominate the performance and the cost of the power station with respect to location impairments. In this paper, a unique methodology is presented to model the power systems in critical specific locations with respect to the formalization of the natural geographical area. The geographical impairment that is chosen as the case study in this work is the declinations of the river based earth surface at Altun-Kopru town in Iraq. A hybrid power system was chosen to study and apply the idea. In addition, the hybrid power station is modeled using both hydro and wind turbines to provide a specific load with the required power. The proposed idea can be applied by specifying the point that the river declines, then creating a water channel to keep the water in the same level before declination phenomenon starts. In contrast, the channel leads river water to the critical location in order to be fallen down to operate the hydro turbine in certain flow ratios and separately to fill a Tank as water preservation model. In accordance, the main power was produced primarily depending on the hydro turbine and secondarily on the wind turbine. Moreover, four hydroelectric power considerations were studied in order to show their impacts on the performance and cost of the renewable power stations. For more precise analysis, extending power form the grid has shown that proposed stand-alone system in the whole case studies unconditionally is always cheaper than the breakeven grid network. Finally, a modular control system is designed in order to dominate water flow ratio based on Tank control unit.



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