Published June 1, 2012 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

AuRal: A Mobile Interactive System for Geo-Locative Audio Synthesis


Aural -of or relateing to the ear or hearing Aura -an invisible breath, emanation, or radiation AR -Augmented Reality AuRal is an environmental audio system in which individual participants form ad hoc ensembles based on geolocation and affect the overall sound of the music associated with the location that they are in. The AuRal environment binds physical location and the choices of multiple, simultaneous performers to act as the generative force of music tied to the region. Through a mobile device interface, musical participants, or agents, have a degree of input into the generated music essentially defining the sound of a given region. The audio landscape is superimposed onto the physical one. The resultant musical experience is not tied simply to the passage of time, but through the incorporation of participants over time and spatial proximity, it becomes an aural location as much as a piece of music. As a result, walking through the same location at different times results in unique collaborative listening experiences.



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