Published March 16, 2018 | Version v1
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Recommendations on the development, use and provision of Research Software


These recommendations describe challenges relating to research software and provide recommendations for the development, use and provision of this type of software. The relevance of research software to modern research should be clearly underlined, especially in the context of political debate on digital transformation in the sciences and humanities.

This document was prepared by the Research Software Working Group, established in 2016, within the Alliance initiative.

The members of the working group are (in alphabetical order): Mathias Bornschein, Prof. Dr. Björn Brembs, Dr. Michael Erben-Russ, Dr. Georg Feulner, Dr. Konrad Förstner, Michael Franke, Dr. Bernadette Fritzsch, Dr. Jürgen Fuhrmann, Prof. Dr. Michael Goedicke, Stephan Janosch, Dr. Matthias Katerbow, Dr. Uwe Konrad, Dennis Zielke.


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