Published June 25, 2024 | Version v1
Report Open

The Envisioning Report for Empowering Universities. 8th edition, 2024


The report is set up by the expert pools of the Empower programme ( established by EADTU to cover the latest trends and developments in new modes of teaching. Most and foremost not by copying on-campus education, but by using new modes of teaching and enhance education by:

  • building on expertise and experience
  • methodologically designed education
  • well-considered digital didactics (research based)
  • interaction, debate and dialogue, done synchronously and asynchronously
  • activating education and engaging students

With the EMPOWER Envisioning report we aim to inspire fellow experts in innovating education by examples from practice. New modes of teaching and learning create new opportunities to enhance the quality of learning experiences on campus programmes, reaching out to new target groups off campus and offering freely accessible online courses. They enhance the quality, visibility and reputation of the institution.

In this 8th edition we cover initiatives related to: Applying AI and Learning Analytics, Enhancing Engagement and Support, Optimizing cross-institutional Studies and Innovating Skills and Competencies.


The Envisioning Report for Empowering Universities. 8th edition 2024.pdf