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Community driven care. A draft social contract

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A social contract is a tacit and encultured agreement laying the basis for interactions and understanding within a given community. Along history most major philosophers have reflected about the nature of social contracts supporting the diverse forms of government that humanity has produced, and humanity's own enterprises and progress. Working out in an explict form the contract has been at the basis of most economic and political sciences, as our understanding of this unspoken rules about power balancing, risk mitigation, and trust can serve as an epistemological lens for our investigation and transformative efforts.
Although several authors have reflected on the social contract of care, with particular attention to the aspects of care provision and rights to the satisfaction of fundamental needs, until today to the best of our knowledge nobody has tried to work out a social contract of community led care. Hereby we present our humble preliminary work in which, summarizing several thousands of people/hours of observations and conversations with individuals living within community driven care with different roles, we try to make explicit the social contract that makes community driven care provision, and care design, sustainable.


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