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The Kinomatics Australian Film Production Dataset


This is the public repository for the Kinomatics Australian Film Production Dataset, a large, curated dataset describing Australian feature film production and personnel from 1975 to 2022. Here, we briefly describe the contents of this repository, which are explained in more detail in the dataset's technical documentation.

Repository contents

Data files

There are two main data files that form this dataset. The first is films.csv, a table where each row corresponds to a unique film in the dataset, and the columns contain variables describing those films.

The second is roles.csv, a table where each row corresponds to an instance of a person filling a role on a film, and the columns contain variables describing that role (including identifiers for the film and the person).


The technical documentation of the dataset is contained in the technical_documentation.odt file. Here, we provide a detailed account of the data collection, validation and preparation processes. We also provide tables describing each column in each of the data files.

We have also written a research data paper to accompany the dataset, which focuses less on the technical details and more on motivating the dataset itself and the decisions we made in deciding its scope and coverage. This data paper has been submitted for peer review, and a copy of the initially submitted manuscript can be found in the file preprint.pdf.

Change log

The file changelog.pdf documents changes between released versions of the dataset.


For any issues related to the dataset or this repository, please contact either of the lead authors Pete Jones ( or Deb Verhoeven ( and let us know what the problem is and how we can fix it.



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