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IRL-DataSpace & IRL-DSSC Position Paper A Common Data Space & Support Centre for Ireland


This position paper sets the context and recommends a framework to build a Common Data Space for Ireland (IRL-DataSpace) to address data-driven global challenges through collaborative Research and innovation (R&I) between academia, industry and the public sector. The purpose of IRL-DataSpace is to cater to R&I-focused participation and usage of the data ecosystem by academic, public sector and industry participants for dealing with grand challenges and informing better public policy-making. The usage of IRL-DataSpace is not intended for commercial services.

This position paper aligns with the objectives and directions laid out in Impact 2030: Ireland’s Research and Innovation Strategy and Open Data Strategy 2023-2027, and also aligns with related strategies/initiatives including the National Action Plan for Open Research 2022-2030, AI - Here for Good: National Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Ireland, Climate Action Plan for Ireland, National Smart Specialisation Strategy for Innovation 2022-2027, and Common European Data Spaces (part of the European Strategy for Data ).

The proposed framework and roadmap will deliver IRL-DataSpace by accelerating and supporting a structured synergised unification of the national data ecosystem (composed of academic and public research bodies, and enterprise organisations where relevant) which is currently disparate and fragmented. IRL-DataSpace will be a federation of data stakeholders, data systems and services at a national level that also links with relevant European resources. The beneficiary activities and exploitation of IRL-DataSpace target multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary R&I collaborations driven by academic and public bodies with industry partners as required.

This position paper is led by HEAnet (Ireland’s national education and research network provider) and ICHEC (Ireland’s national centre for high-performance computing and data services). The shared vision between HEAnet and ICHEC is to expedite the establishment of a national-level Data Space Support Centre for Ireland (IRL-DSSC) through which to engage stakeholders across the community for their participation and co-development. The IRL-DSSC will play a pivotal role in advancing the current national data ecosystem into a federated, FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), high-SLA and cost-effective ecosystem with robust digital platform resources, services for data sharing and governance, and a national level professional support team. The IRL-DSSC will engage with and leverage expertise from the EU Data Spaces Support Centre.

ICHEC and HEAnet are proposed to co-lead IRL-DSSC with sponsorship from relevant government departments and participation of relevant stakeholders. ICHEC and HEAnet have available the expertise that can be leveraged for this as the national providers of digital infrastructures and services across computing, data management and networking technologies. Together, IRL-DataSpace and IRL-DSSC will deliver R&I impact across many disciplines in environment, society, economy at national and international levels, by dealing with grand challenges and informing better public policy-making as outlined in the Impact 2030 Strategy.



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