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How can we biochemically validate protein function predictions with the deoxycytidine kinase family? - Associated data

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This is the data that accompanies the pub "How can we biochemically validate ProteinCartography with the deoxycytydine kinase family?" It's part of a group of pubs focused on validating ProtienCartography that begins with "A strategy to validate protein functions in vitro." 

For this repository, we ran ProteinCartography v0.5.0 on the deoxycytidine kinase (dCK) using human dCK as our input (UniProt ID: P27707). We asked for 3,000 Foldseek hits and 7,000 BLAST hits for a total of 10,000 structures. The updated configuration file is in the zipped folder in this repository. Also included in the zipped folder are the inputs, structures of all hits, and all ProteinCartography results. 

Finally, we created a custom overlay for the protein map using this notebook and the manually annotated TSV file in this repository, where we denoted which group of substrates a protein is predicted to act on based on its annotation from UniProt.


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