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Movits: a Minimalist Toolkit for Embodied Sketching

  • 1. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • 2. ROR icon KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • 3. ROR icon University College London
  • 4. ESITEF


We present the design and evaluation of the Movits, a minimalist toolkit for embodied sketching design explorations. The toolkit includes technology probes featuring minimalist wearable digital units that support the hands-on exploration and design of movement-driven interactions using multisensory feedback. The Movits are self-contained and generate audiovisual or vibrotactile patterns in response to movement-based inputs. We present the theoretical and empirical grounding driving our design process. We discuss the findings of using the Movits during four co-design workshops with design students, technologists, dancers and physiotherapists, where they resulted in being generative and adaptable to a range of embodied design approaches. We contend that the Movits can be favourable for those interested in a holistic design approach to wearables in general and specifically for those targeting movement-based application domains.


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Conference paper: 10.1145/3623509.3635253 (DOI)
Software: 10.5281/zenodo.11121430 (DOI)
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MovIntPlayLab-CM-UC3M 2021/00050/001
Comunidad de Madrid
BODYinTRANSIT – Sensory-driven Body Transformation Experiences On-the-move 101002711
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