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Published May 24, 2024 | Version v1
Poster Open

Role of Information and Communications Technology on Project Success: a case of Grow with Agricultural, Livestock and Environment (GrowALE) Project Implemented by Yalla Yalla Group.


The study investigates the role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the success of the "Grow with Agricultural, Livestock, and Environment (GrowALE)" project by the Yalla Yalla Group, aiming to analyze how ICT tools and strategies enhance agricultural, livestock, and environmental outcomes. Utilizing systems theory, resource-based theory, project management theory, and theory of change, the study employed descriptive and correlative research designs with a census survey sampling of 145 individuals. Data were collected through questionnaires and documentary reviews, and analyzed using SPSS with descriptive statistics, correlation coefficient, and multiple linear regression. Findings revealed a strong positive relationship (Pearson correlation coefficient of 0.840, p < 0.01) between ICT services and project success, with a regression analysis showing R = 0.874 and R² = 0.764, indicating that 76.4% of the variability in project success is explained by ICT-related predictors. Customization and security systems emerged as the most impactful predictors. The study concludes that effective ICT services are crucial for the success of the GrowALE project and recommends enhancing comprehensive ICT services to improve project outcomes.

Keywords: Information and Communications Technology (ICT); project success; GrowALE Project



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