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National Open Access Monitor, Ireland 1st OpenOrgs Sprint

  • 1. ROR icon Rudjer Boskovic Institute
  • 2. ROR icon OpenAIRE Non-Profit Civil Partnership


Identifying research organisations accurately is not a trivial task. They often have different names and IDs across various places, which can confuse and complicate things like sharing information, finding research, tracking activities, and linking academic communications. OpenAIRE has created OpenOrgs to solve this issue. It combines automated processes with human curation to make sure organisations are clearly identified. This helps make information more accessible and organisations easier to find and recognize! Join us for an engaging OpenOrgs training session where you'll dive deep into the essentials of enhancing data quality within the OpenAIRE Graph and for the Irish National Open Access Monitor
This session is structured to provide you with a blend of insightful knowledge and practical experience. The core of our session is the hands-on segment, where you'll be part of a small, interactive group led by a trainer. This is your opportunity to apply your new knowledge in a supportive, practical setting, ensuring you leave the session with the confidence to use OpenOrgs effectively. 
 The session include:
 - Introduction on the metadata gaps in the RPO's affiliation; 
- Presentation of OpenOrgs;
- Hands-on session using the OpenOrgs for your institution.


1st OpenOrgs Sprint - National Open Access Monitor, Ireland.pdf

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