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  • 1. SWPS University


This systematic review contributes to the understanding of the characteristics of built food environments that may be associated with choices of alternative protein foods (APF). Using the built food environment typology proposed by Downs et al., we investigated various environmental structures (e.g., supermarkets, other retailers, farmers’
markets, restaurants, schools, and online vendors) and the characteristics that may facilitate or hinder consumers’ choices. For example, facilitators and barriers may refer to the physical characteristics of environmental structures, food presentation practices, the organizational strategies or policies operating in the setting, or the actions that retailers or consumers engage in while selling, serving, choosing, trying, or purchasing APF in these environmental structures.


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  • Zaleskiewicz, H., Kulis, E., Siwa, M., Szczuka, Z., Banik, A., Grossi, F. Chrysochou, P., Nystrand, B. T., Perra, T., Samoggia, A., Xhelili, A., Krystallis, A., & Luszczynska, A. (2024). Characteristics of built food environments associated with alternative protein food choices: a systematic review. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 21, 58.