Published May 9, 2024 | Version v1
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Getting Started With Parkinson's Disease Data

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The guide is intended to be a living document which enables researchers getting started with an array of datasets pertaining to PD research to do so with increased ease. The current draft contains information on four datasets: AMP PD, PPMI, GP2, and Fox Insight.

Each entry contains an overview of the following aspects of these data: study description, study data features, how to access data, intended data uses, data set strengths and limitations, links to pre-existing documentation, plus tips and other considerations for handling these data.

In addition, the guide provides a metatable enabling researchers to at-a-glance gain insight as to which entry might be worth exploring further to determine what data best fits their research purpose, by providing an overview of cohort size, types of analyses it can support, modalities of data available, and the types of clinical features it contains.

This guide was created by members of the the Michael J. Fox Foundation's Data Community of Practice (DCOP). If individuals are interested in contributing an entry on a new study, would like to request an update or correction, or to receive more information on the DCOP, please contact:


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