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Spotlight Project Data - How people of colour experience and engage with climate change in Britain

  • 1. University of Nottingham
  • 2. ROR icon University of Birmingham


This repository contains data from a survey which was designed by Charles Ogunbode and Jeremy Kidwell to capture climate change-related experiences, perceptions, emotions, actions and policy preferences among UK people of colour. We are grateful for input on instrument design and analysis by Nick Anim, Dr Amiera Sawas and Serayna Solanki as well as from the project steering group: Zarina Ahmad (University of Manchester), Sara Jane Nii-Adjei (Christian Aid), Meena Rajput (Greenpeace), Reuben Fakoya-Brooks (REED Ecological Network/British Ecological Society) and Dr Neema Begum (University of Nottingham).

Respondents included ethnic minority UK residents aged 18 years or over (N = 1,008) and the sample was gathered in March 2022 by Qualtrics Research Services. The instrument was pre-tested with a smaller number of respondents (N = 180) on 25 Feb 2022.

The data is provided in plain-text tab-separated values format (.tsv) as well as in SPSS .sav file format. The latter is recommended for analysis, and there is an associated code repository (linked below) which contains R code used to load and analyse this data (using the haven() SPSS library). We have also included the original instrument used to collect survey data in qualtrics .qsf format and docx format. Please note: some data columns have been redacted and are not included in this data release.

The research was funded by a Research England QR-PSF award made through the University of Birmingham. 


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