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Published April 10, 2024 | Version v1
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The Bibliogogics of Triune God: Demystifying the Mystery of the Trinity

  • 1. School of Christian Education, Testament Theological Seminary (Nigeria)
  • 2. School of Kingdom Theology, Testament Theological Seminary (Nigeria)
  • 3. Faculty of Theology, Remnant Christian Network Theological Seminary (Nigeria)


The theory of the Trinity states that there is one living God who exists eternally as three distinct divine Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each of these three Persons is God, not three Gods. They are consubstantial (they all share the same substance or essence). The doctrine of the Trinity is within the confines of God’s revelation of Himself in the economy of salvation. Trinitarian faith is distinct from experiences that begin with scientific and philosophical inquiries or debates, or the study of cultural phenomena. It is exclusively a scriptural or biblical inquiry. The Trinity is a mystery of faith because it is a truth that cannot be known unless it is revealed by God, and this revelation can only be found in the Creator’s manual, the Bible, and understood by God’s people. The basis of Christians’ faith in the Trinity should be the Holy Scripture. Any slight deviation from the scriptural revelation about the consubstantiality of the Trinity is not the focus of this study. This research work centres on a triune God, that is, the three hypostases as revealed in Scripture. Hence, the methodology adopted in this paper is solus primus scriptura research (bibliosearch).


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