Published April 8, 2024 | Version 1.0
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MS6.1 Outcome of testing components to achieve core technical & semantic interoperability in cross-domain use cases


FAIR-IMPACT aims to support the implementation phase of the European Open Science Cloud. To this end, FAIR-IMPACT has a focus on the EU Interoperability Framework. The perspective for this milestone report is on technical and semantic interoperability. The EOSC Interoperability Framework (EOSC-IF), released in February 2021, aims to facilitate service federation (EOSC components) within the EOSC ecosystem, organised into technical, semantic, organisational, and legal layers.  

The report outlines EOSC projects and components, explores FAIRCORE4EOSC components, and presents test results aligning with EOSC-IF recommendations. A checklist tests were designed based on EOSC-IF recommendations, verified for interoperability compliance, and compiled using the SIP Wizard tool. The checklists were completed manually based on the information of each component present in the different documents and online.

As a preliminary result, while technical interoperability recommendations are progressing well, challenges remain in semantic interoperability, particularly in utilising semantic artefacts catalogues/repositories. Future plans involve delving deeper into semantic interoperability following the recommendations that the FAIR IMPACT project will develop related to semantic artefact governance. Also, we plan to extend the tests to additional future EOSC components.


FAIR-IMPACT_MS6.1 Outcome of testing components to achieve technical and semantic interoperability in cross-domain usecases_20240402_v1.0.pdf

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