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ICP-OES and FTIR Analysis of Siddha Herbo-mineral formulation of Vedi Annabedhi Chenchooram



The Vedi Annabedhi Chendhooram (VABC) is a vital herbo-mineral formulation in Siddha medicine, traditionally employed for treating various conditions such as dysentery, dropsy, jaundice, anemia, fever and ascites. This study aimed to assess the presence of heavy metals and other elements in VABC, ensuring adherence to WHO guidelines. Ingredients were meticulously collected, purified, and prepared as per Siddha literature “Siddha Vaithya Pathartha Guna Villakam” (Thathu – Jeeva Vilakam), authored by Dr. C. Kannusamipillai. Here, the drug was subjected to standardization by simultaneous ICP-OES analysis equipment (PERKIN ELMER OPTIMA 5300 DV). The FTIR spectra sample was analyzed by using Bruker Alpha FTIR Spectrophotometer. The results, obtained through ICP-OES analysis, affirm the absence of toxic levels of heavy metals in Vedi Annabedhi Chendhooram, establishing its safety for use in Siddha medicine. FTIR spectroscopy complementarily scrutinized the presence of organic substances. From the ICP-OES analysis reveals that Vedi Annabedhi Chendhooram were free from toxicity there by proving the safety of its utilization in Siddha system. FTIR spectroscopy has been used to study the presence of organic substances in the sample. The findings form a crucial foundation for subsequent pharmaceutical analyses and efficacy studies. This study underscores the importance of Vedi Annabedhi Chendhooram in Siddha medicine, paving the way for its safe and effective utilization.

Keywords: Vedi Annabedhi Chendhooram(VABC), Siddha medicine, ICP-OES, FTIR.



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