Published March 30, 2024 | Version CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
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Remote Safety Distance Control for Motor Vehicles

  • 1. Mathematics for Applied Physics of Roberto Caporali, Imola, BO, Italy.


Abstract: We define a method for monitoring and controlling the Safety Distance between motor vehicles. Failure to respect the safety distance between cars on roads and especially on motorways (where speeds have high values) is among the main causes of accidents. This fact generates serious inconveniences such as roadblocks, with enormous delays for car drivers reaching their destinations, as well as possible deaths and injuries. At the current state of the art, in this regard, steps have only been taken to define auxiliary systems on vehicles that signal when this distance has been reached, advising the driver to reduce speed to restore the minimum safety distance. But such systems are, in practice, negatively considered by motorists and do not lead to positive results. The Method and System defined in this work instead involve the use of a Remote System for controlling the Safety Distance, of the same type as those applied for speed control on roads and motorways. These systems are hated by car drivers, precisely because of their effectiveness and deterrence. In this work, first of all, the state of the art regarding Safety Distance control systems, which up to now have only been present on cars, is analyzed. The different methods of calculating the Safety Distance between vehicles are subsequently described. The method defined in this work is then presented, based on the remote detection of the Safety Distance on roads, especially at high speed, describing it with some figures. Here, we highlight the innovation of the system presented in this work, where, for the first time, a System for Remote controlling the Safety Distance is considered.



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Manuscript received on 10 March 2024 | Revised Manuscript received on 14 March 2024 | Manuscript Accepted on 15 March 2024 | Manuscript published on 30 March 2024.


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